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    Kacie Gavinchuk

    The following rules will be strictly enforced. Any violation may lead to temporary or permanent suspension from the site.

    1. All decisions by Moderators and/or Site Administrators are final and must be complied with.
    2. Moderators and Site Administrators will use their best judgement in situations of forum rule violations, legal ambiguity or situations that may lead to legal risk of exposure for
    3. Any discussion and/or promotion of illegal activities is strictly prohibited and could result in the post being forwarded to authorities and/or loss of access depending on the severity.
    4. Absolutely no nudity or pornographic materials or links to the same, are permitted. Lewd and/or suggestive images may also be deemed inappropriate by the Moderators and/or Site Administrator and can be removed without notice. Violations could result in warnings and/or loss of access.
    5. Incitement of violence towards any person, business, or government entity is strictly prohibited.
    6. Physical threats of any kind will not be tolerated.
    7. Personal insults, abusive language and harassment will not be tolerated. This includes offensive, threatening, persistent or disturbing language and/or remarks with the aim to target, insult, bully, humiliate, damage, cause loss and/or intimidate the recipient of the intended message through either private messaging or posting in the forums. This includes, and is not limited to, the use of threats, swearing, slurs, slangs and/or posting any specific information of an individual.
    8. Derogatory, negative stereotyping and sweeping generalization based on profession, religion, race, sex, etc. will not be permitted.
    9. Any behaviour that could be considered detrimental to the general reputation of is not permitted. This includes any statements with the intention to create harm, damages and/or negative goodwill to
    10. Users shall not post anything that would be considered unsafe unless it is purely instructional in nature.
    11. Any hunting photos must be posted to the “Hunting” forums only. Please attempt to keep the photos tasteful and keep the gore to a minimum.
    12. This forum will not be used to organize auctions, draws, raffles or any type of gambling activities without the prior written consent from
    13. Promotion of your own forum, blog, media channel, social media, or any other website through is prohibited.
    14. Private messages shall not be posted in the forum or copied to a 3rd party by any means without the express written consent of the originator(s).
    15. All offers or solicitations must be made in the marketplace forums only and fall under the “Marketplace Forum Rules and Terms of Use”.
    16. No one shall disclose any personal information of any member or public poster without formal written consent of the person in question. Personal information includes (but not limited to) first name, last name, place of employment, family information, home address, contact information, or any information that may lead to this information.
    17. Multiple accounts or identities are not allowed. Suspected violations could result in suspension or termination of access.
    18. Users shall not advertise or link to 3rd party websites or ads without explicit consent from
    19. Private Messages shall not be used to send unsolicited messages to other members. Any reports of spamming could result in immediate loss of access.
    20. General disruptive activities, including “trolling” and any activity that may affect the quality of content on will not be tolerated.
    21. Harassment of Administrators and/or Moderators of will not be tolerated and could result in temporary or permanent loss of access.
    22. reserves the right to make any decision they deem necessary to protect the LadyGuns brand and reputation of their membership.
    23. Any disputes over warnings, disciplinary action, or loss of access will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. If you disagree with an action taken by a Moderator or Administrator, you can dispute it by contacting the Site Administrator. After review, the decision will be final, and no further action will be taken.
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