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Who is Ladyguns?

Ladyguns is a community for women by women with a focus on empowering and connecting a network of like-minded ladies in shooting sports and outdoor activities across Canada.

We provide a variety of activities for every outdoorswoman. Whether you are interested in trying something new, getting out for recreation, hunting, competing, or you want to share your love for your sport, Ladyguns is the community for you!

No pressure. No cliques. Just fun.

Upcoming Events

No pressure. No cliques. Just fun.

We are always rolling out new activities and programs to help you achieve your goals while giving you the opportunity to meet new friends who share and support your love of shooting sports. We offer a safe, supportive environment where we come together to enjoy activities across all disciplines, backgrounds and abilities.

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Latest Articles & Videos


SHE SHOOTS PODCAST – Episode 24: Breaking Down Bill C-21

Join the ladies of the CUSF Women’s program, Project Mapleseed and LadyGuns for this episode of “She Shoots.”

This month we are welcoming Tracy Wilson, Vice-president of public relations for the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights (CCFR). Tracy has been on the front lines in Ottawa as the registered lobbyist for CCFR supporting firearms owners and businesses during the hearings and creation of Bill C-21.

Tracy will help us explain what C-21 is, what the bill entails, and common misunderstandings with the bill passing in parliament late last year. We’ll open up for questions from the audience to help clear up any misconceptions.

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SHE SHOOTS PODCAST – Episode 23: Untamed Women

Join the ladies of the CUSF Women’s program, Project Mapleseed and LadyGuns for this episode of “She Shoots.”

This month, we welcome Cathy Wolf, a northern Alberta outfitter, avid mentor for women and youth in firearms and founder of Untamed Women.

Cathy lives in North Western Alberta with her husband and 4 kids. They are very much an outdoors family and enjoy all activities.

She grew up in a small agricultural town in central Alberta; where hunting wasn’t a main focus for her family. Firearms were around however, for gopher control. In the hunting world, she has been very fortunate in successfully harvesting every big game animal in Alberta and was first woman to do so. She has also completed her Super 10.

Cathy and her husband own an outfitting company called Wolf Huntin Adventures. Through it she has met a variety of individuals and she noticed a trend that the wives, girlfriends, and partners were intimidated or uninvolved. This inspired her to start Untamed Women and help build a network for women of all levels of experience to reach out and connect through range days, fishing adventures and hunting trips.

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