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Who is Ladyguns?

Ladyguns is a community for women by women with a focus on empowering and connecting a network of like-minded ladies in shooting sports and outdoor activities across Canada.

We provide a variety of activities for every outdoorswoman. Whether you are interested in trying something new, getting out for recreation, hunting, competing, or you want to share your love for your sport, Ladyguns is the community for you!

No pressure. No cliques. Just fun.

Upcoming Events

No pressure. No cliques. Just fun.

We are always rolling out new activities and programs to help you achieve your goals while giving you the opportunity to meet new friends who share and support your love of shooting sports. We offer a safe, supportive environment where we come together to enjoy activities across all disciplines, backgrounds and abilities.

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SHE SHOOTS PODCAST – Episode 18: Gail Cook – Mounted Shooting

Join the ladies of the CUSF Women’s program, Project Mapleseed and LadyGuns for this episode of “She Shoots.”

This month, we welcome Gail Cook, a Champion Mounted Shooter in Canada and the United States.

Gail lives near Bentley, Alberta on an acreage with her partner Lee and their 3 mounted shooting horses.

She got involved in mounted shooting after taking a clinic in 2008 and since then Gail and Lee have competed in mounted shooting competitions across Canada and throughout the US.

Gail has multiple class wins in Canada and in the US, including Colorado, Texas, Idaho and Arizona. A couple of highlights for her are Overall Ladies Champion in Canada in 2014 and Cowboy Mounted Shooting Worlds Class Winner in Amarillo Texas in 2015.

Gail also operates her business, The Leather Loft from her home. She has been in business for 29 years and has made saddles, tack, gun leather, chaps and chinks. Currently, her focus is chaps and bags and last year she started a class on chap making.

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SHE SHOOTS PODCAST – Episode 17: Ian Runkle

Join the ladies of the CUSF Women’s program, Project Mapleseed and LadyGuns for this episode of “She Shoots.”

This month, we are honoured to welcome Ian Runkle, a Canadian Criminal Defence and Firearms Lawyer and YouTube legal commentator.

Ian Runkle is a Canadian criminal defence lawyer with a special interest in firearms and weapons law. He has taught classes on the subject at the University of Alberta and is a respected voice on these issues.

Ian is not just a lawyer; he is also a firearms owner. He is a competitive shooter and appreciates all the various shooting disciplines.

Finally, Ian is a YouTuber with over 219K subscribers. You can find his content under “Runkle of the Bailey.”

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